Every noticed the 7-11’s in the neighborhood are kind of scary.  Doesn’t matter what neighborhood or city.  I used to live in Saskatoon by the 7-11 on Ave P and 22nd.  They had a stabbing there one time.

The one here in Regina by my house hasn’t had a stabbing (that I am aware of), however, we walked over today to pick up slurpees (middle of the day) and there was a wide assortment of people in and around it.  There was the young adult male carrying a child’s bike yelling at a small child running through the parking lot.  A man asking for change just outside the door (no one gave him anything in the time we were there).  After I got inside and picked up a few candies, an older man with a walker said “excuse me” to a youth beside me and the youth just ignored him.  I moved out of the way to try to let the man pass.  The youth continued to ignore him.  I then went over to the slurpee area.  Someone had spilled a large amount on the cupboard and it was dripping all over the cups.  Some little girl (the one running across the parking lot) wanted a slurpee but her mom said no.  So she resorted to scooping up the waste slurpee in the tray under the machine.  Then, as I was paying, the person 4 in front of me was complaining at the cashier about his change.  Turns out he had shorted her $0.25.  I was glad when I was able to leave.

Interesting critters.  That’s all I have to say for today.