The Regina Water Watch was successful in collecting enough signatures to force a referendum on the Waste Water Treatment plant being funded by a P3 funding model.

The city tried to do everything possible to ignore this petition – calling petition signers and removing all sigs without 2013 on the date.

When I emailed City Council members to encourage them to respect the petition, only 2 responded. One tried to argue with me about various funding models. I told him I wasn’t going to argue about this topic. I merely wanted City Council to respect the petition – seeing that more people signed the petition than voted for Mayor AND his position combined. He didn’t like that too much!

Finally, City Council decided they WOULD hold a referendum on this topic.

Since then, they have re-dubbed the “Waste Water” plant as “Sewage” in an effort to sway public opinion. It’s a Water Treatment Plant – plain and simple. The city has been doing it and it has been going fine. The federal government is holding $60 million hostage by making municipalities use P3s to get the funding. However, P3s are notoriously bad (expensive) in everything I have read.  See CCPA website for various write ups.

I know I’ll be voting.  And I’ll be voting against a P3 funding model.