Brian Sinclair died in a Winnipeg emergency room after waiting 34 hours for treatment. So sad.

I was reading a bit about the inquest online and I read the following: “[there is] no question something went amiss at HSC emergency.” Wow, if that’s not the understatement of the year!

First off, how can a “mentally incompetent” person not be in some type of care or have someone to take care of him? I mean, if he had access to care – whether via a mental hospital or a close relative – maybe he wouldn’t have died (or at least he wouldn’t have died in an emergency room).

Second, how can any hospital fail it’s patients by making them wait 34 hours for treatment? 34 hours! And I thought the 12 hour wait I had to have my daughter’s broken arm cast was bad. 34 hours?!?

Third, how did no one notice for hours, that this man was dead? Are staff and patients that involved with themselves that they failed to notice this person wasn’t moving or breathing? I check on my son if he’s been sleeping for more than 8 hours.

“Societal blame can only go so far. At some level individuals must accept responsibility.” Wow. Seriously? At some level, society needs to recognize they failed this man.