Hate is a strong word. A four letter word. Almost a banned word now-a-days. Find “something” you like…pft.

I don’t have a problem with food. Obviously (rubbing belly). But I HATE liver! (Yes, with all caps.) Despise it. Disgusting! I remember, as a child, my parents and step parents always made me eat liver. My dad’s 4th wife (the one after my mom) made me sit at the table for 45 MINUTES until I ate all the liver on my plate. And not just a palm sized piece or “normal” serving size. No…it filled the whole plate. Plus a bit. At least that’s what it seemed like to me. I tried coating it with ketchup. The liver was swimming in ketchup. More like ketchup and liver than liver and ketchup. I still couldn’t choke it down.

It did, however, teach me 3 lessons:

1. I was NEVER eating liver again once I moved out. I’m proud to say, unlike diets, I have stuck to my no liver mandate. I haven’t even had it in the house. Wait. Yes, I have, but it was in dog treats and I didn’t have to eat it.

2. I was NEVER forcing my children to eat anything. The rule in our house is try 1 bite. If you don’t like it, put it on the side of your plate. Of course, I would never try to feed them anything I wouldn’t eat. No liver, stomach, kidney, tongue, head cheese, or even chocolate covered bugs. If I won’t eat it, I won’t serve it.

3. I was NEVER forcing my kids to eat if they didn’t want to. “There are children in Africa who are starving.” Who cares? Pack up my liver and ship it to them. I doubt they would eat it either. We wonder why our kids have eating disorders. We don’t let them listen to their own body signals. Of course, if they don’t eat something, they can’t have dessert.

Enough with the lessons. Back to liver. So if my story about being traumatized by liver as a child (even if it taught me 3 lessons) isn’t enough to justify my hatred of liver…think about it, what does your liver do in your body? It filters all the crap from your body. When you eat liver, you are essentially eating a toxin filled filter…mmmmm…toxins.