I have to admit, I sit on the fence on this topic. I believe, wholeheartedly, in immunizing my children when it comes to normal childhood vaccines. These vaccines have been tried, tested, and true, in preventing these diseases.

But when it comes to the flu shot, I’m torn. First, the flu mutates. Having a flu shot once or twice in your life is not sufficient. When a child is immunized against small pox, they have a half a dozen shots and they are good. They won’t catch that virus. Period. We’ve pretty much wiped out those viruses. Not so with the flu. The more we vaccinate against it, the more resilient the virus seems to become.

Second, I get sick after getting a flu shot. Almost every time. Sure it’s not as bad as it could be but it’s still a bother. I’ve heard many others who say the same thing. If children got a mild case of the mumps, small pox or rubella after their vaccinations, would anyone keep immunizing?

Third, okay, I’m digressing a bit into the conspiracy theorist here but seriously. If anyone wanted to wipe out a population, vaccines would be a quick way to do this. Oh it’s urgent, people have died from H1N1. Quick, get out there and get your flu shot. Then everyone goes and gets it and bam, everyone dies. Depopulation theory – Google it.

Fourth, flu vaccines come out after flu season starts. Wouldn’t you want to be proactive? Have it out in July/August.

Finally, and this is the kicker for me. Amidst the claims “People are dying! Quick, get out there and get your flu shot!” we hear:

I just dunno. Leaning more towards not getting vaccinated. However, when it comes to my son (who is 4), I better get one for him.