SPOILER ALERT!  If you haven’t seen the movie, you may not want to read this.

A follow up to:  http://www.prairiedogmag.com/car-car-bang-bang/#comment-639745

First, this film should be dubbed “Fantasy” not “Action” because there is no way in hell that any of this movie is true.  Except, maybe, that Paul Walker won’t be in the next one.

The action car scenes were entertaining but I think we all know that jumping a car from building to building to building is pretty much impossible.  Or, at least if it did happen, the car would be toast before it hit the third building.

Cars being dumped out of airplanes with parachutes that land exactly on the road.  Uh huh.  Sure.

Cars hitting various objects and still moving (disproved in an episode of Mythbusters).

Stunts where the car drives itself while the driver gets on the hood and jumps on a bus.

The fact that the the black car that Turetto drives at the end was written off in the first movie (it was hit by a train).

Oh the list goes on and on and on.

Apart from the apparent flaws in the stunts, there were many, many other “wtf” moments in this movie.

I still can’t figure out where Tokyo drift fits in in the timeline.  Hans has been either in or referenced in at least 2 later movies – including this one.

And flaws in the plot.  Hans was killed off in the 3rd movie in a car race with DK.  Yet, now, according to Furious 7, Shaw killed him in the car crash.  Huh?

Since when is the Middle East known for allowing their women to walk around in bikinis?  This has to be one of the least progressive countries in the world when it comes to women’s rights.  I have read many a book (“Invisible Women”, “Infidel”) that describe the restrictive clothing that women are forced to wear and yet there were no hijabs or birkas in any part of this scene.  There were a few head coverings (scarves) but nothing realistic at all.

We all know about 9/11 and the new “Homeland Security” measures that stop any potential “terrorists” from boarding planes in North America.  I’m pretty sure they have some pretty fancy tracking that would enable them to see and intercept a fully armed, foreign, military helicopter before it reached any major civilian U.S. city.  Never mind the flaw with it hovering there for over 1/2 an hour without any interference.

The military helicopter being able to use God’s Eye to track the good guys despite Ramsey not being able to upload her hack (don’t even get me started on WiFi hot spots that can be set up from your phone).

And The Rock.  Breaking his arm cast by flexing his muscle.  Lifting a 300lb piece of concrete with a broken arm.  Carrying a large gun from a Predator drone and being able to handle it with ease with the broken arm.

The Rock knowing exactly which intersection to intercept the Predator drone and timing it precisely to take it down.

Okay, these are my top items.  I’m sure there are more.

Entertaining, yes; flawed, yes; should I see it, yes.  Comment with other flaws you found.  I love comparing notes.