I saw this post on Facebook yesterday.  It reminded me of a question posed to me a couple months ago:  “What is your definition of happiness?”  Take a few minutes and think about it.

It could be a moment.  As in, I am happy in this moment because everything is going right.

But to me, I think happiness is more of an overall state.  I am happy.  My life is what I have set it out to be for the most part.  I really can’t complain (well I can but no one really listens).  I have a good paying, permanent, full-time job; a decent house; a running car; an awesome family; wicked good friends; good health; public health care; relative freedom in what I do and say; and so on. We always want more (Wouldn’t more money be nice?  A better house?) but we don’t need more. We need to learn to be happy with what we have.

I saw another post about first world problems not really being problems:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxyhfiCO_XQ

It ties into this too.  Because we should ALL be happy with what we have.  We should not complain if our meal isn’t as good as it could be (some people don’t have food to eat); if our pay isn’t as high as we think it should be (some people make less than $1/day working full time); if our doctor is running late (we have a doctor and access to public health care).  The list can go on and on.

I was at a spray pad the other day; I remarked to my hubby that spray pads were just not the same as pools and that in Saskatoon, they had shallow pools instead of spray pads and they were much more enjoyable.  And the fact that spray park (in Al Ritchie) was all cement and consisted of 4 streams of water shooting vertically and 4 streams shooting horizontally while other (ritzier areas) had all kinds of decorations and such.  And that the water was so cold at the spray pads.

Then I sat in silence and thought about what I said.  There are countries that would kill to have clean water to drink let alone to play in.  (And suddenly having a spray pad with no decoration and cold water didn’t seem so bad.)

The point of my ramble is…we need to learn to be happy with what we have. And that way, the stress and worries go away.