I write this blog in the wake of the recent bombings in Paris, Nigeria, and Beirut.  This topic, however, is not about the bombings.  It is about human compassion in the wake of the bombings.

By now, the world knows of thousands of Syrian refugees trying to flee their home country.  As a Canadian, I am dismayed by the fact that we have not done our part in the global community.  Not only is the red tape a serious detriment to bringing people here in a timely fashion, now we have people saying they don’t want more immigrants here.

What on earth has happened to human compassion?

Our Premier in SK, Brad Wall, whom I freely admit, I do not support at all, has asked Ottawa to suspend the Syrian refugee plan.  I could not disagree with him more.  We need to let these people migrate here.  They are running from civil war for crying out loud.

And then you have the people who simply incite hate:

What the hell?  Since when can a single religious person be held responsible for every other person in that religion?  What about the Christians and the Crusades?

Human compassion appears to be dead in some people.  It is no longer about ensuring every person is safe.  For some, it is just about ensuring you and yours are safe.  I’m reminded of an episode from The Walking Dead (yes, I caved and watched about the zombies).  The “governor” and his people couldn’t have the prison that Rick and his people had so they blew it to hell.  Now no one has it.  The people that were there are all scattered all over to start again.  And the people that wanted it are all dead.  Makes a lot of sense.  (That was sarcasm.)

This tweet sums it up for me:

To people blaming refugees for attacks in Paris tonight. Do you not realise these are the people the refugees are trying to run away from..?


How about we all learn to live together?  And prove that human compassion isn’t totally dead.