I am writing this after, yet another,  unsuccessful attempt to purchase a vehicle at a dealership.  As a female, I find it VERY frustrating that salespeople, for the majority, refuse to treat female patrons as the main purchasers.  In my experience, only 1 salesperson took me seriously…a female salesperson, ironically.

I have gone to dealerships alone and been ignored.  I have gone with a male and been ignored (the salespeople went to the male with me instead).  Even when I tell them I want to purchase a vehicle, they tend to speak to the male person more so than me.  And if I do manage to get someone’s attention, they focus on the color and accessories instead of the features of the vehicle.

Let me direct this to all salespeople out there.  You are losing out on a lot of business.  I’m ready to spend my hard earned money but if you ignore me, I will move on to a dealership who takes me seriously.

When someone – anyone – is in your dealership, greet them.  Ask them if you can assist them.  Probe about their needs.  Treat them as a buying customer unless they indicate otherwise.   Talk to them about all the features of the vehicle, not just the color.  Watch your successful sales soar.