Did you know that a single person needs to make $16.46/hour to live above the poverty rate?  Do you know how much daycare workers earn in Regina?  Between $12 and $15/hour.  And you have to have your Early Childhood Education (ECE) Level I, II, or III.  Post secondary is a requirement for working in daycares.

Most of the employees working at daycares are women.  There are a few men, but not many.  Low paying jobs that require education.

Children are our most valuable resource and yet we refuse to pay those looking after them enough to live above the line of poverty!?!

At Totally Kids Daycare Inc., one of our mandates is to ensure our employees are making a living wage.  If you had to pay a little more for your childcare, would you do it to ensure these ladies (and gentlemen) were able to support THEIR families?