There is a huge difference between home daycares and centers. In fact, home daycares don’t even have to be licensed.  They do not need employees who have their ECE.  Green space does not even have to be available.  There are no regulations on programming.  In short, home daycares can be just a person sitting children in front of the television.

Even the number of children per staff member differs.  From

The Child Care Regulations identify the maximum number of children one person can be responsible for at any one time.  The number depends on the ages of the children. These numbers apply to both licensed and unlicensed child care options.

In Child Care Centres:

One worker can care for a maximum of three infants, five toddlers, ten pre-school age children or 15 school age children except in specific circumstances identified in the regulations.

In Family Child Care Homes:

Whether licensed or unlicensed, one worker or caregiver may care for a maximum of eight children. Five of these children may be infants, toddlers and pre-school children of which only two may be infants and toddlers.  If three infants and toddlers are in care, all other children must be of school age.

That being said, there are licensed home daycares that follow guidelines similar to centers.  The rules are no where near as strict though as you can see from the example above citing the number of children per caregiver.

Daycare centers, on the other hand, have to be licensed.  They have to have a certain amount of window space, green space, washrooms, staff, activities, and so on.  The guidelines are quite strict.  And quite restrictive.

More information:

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The Child Care Regulations, 2015