The following information is cited from The Child Care Regulations, 2015.

Childcare centers, unlike home daycares, have to have a certain amount of window space (aka “natural lighting”) in the center:

Natural lighting

57(1) The licensee of a centre must provide:

(a) natural lighting in at least 50% of the areas used for children’s play space; and

(b) window area equivalent to 10% of the usable floor area in areas mentioned in clause (a).

(2) The licensee of a centre must ensure that the areas provided with natural lighting in accordance with clause (1)(a) are made available for at least 50% of the day to each group of children attending the centre. 

What this means, in layman’s terms, is in a facility that is 5000 square feet, there has to be 50 square feet of window space.  This may not seem like a lot, however, a facility like the former “It’s a Blast” building would not qualify.  And the building on 12th Ave and St. John would have needed 5 large windows installed (the windows were included with the building but they would have needed to be professionally installed as it involved cutting through cement blocks).

Many buildings are disqualified as daycare centers because of this rule.  One of many barriers inflicted on those trying to start a daycare facility.