On Oct 12/2016, this article hit the news in Regina:

Five daycares in Regina are putting pressure on the city after seeing sharp increases in their property taxes. The Whitmore Park Childcare Co-operative (WPCC), paid about $3,700 last year and will pay over $10,000 this year.

A quote directly from Mayor Fougere (and another reason that he needs to be given the opportunity to retire from City Council – i.e. VOTE HIM OUT!  VOTE THE WHOLE LOT OUT!):


PLEASE, Mr. Mayor, explain to me how taxing non-profits at a commercial rate “levels the playing field”?!?  These are non-profits!  They are providing much needed services to the entire public.

It prompted me, immediately to email the entire City Council (easily done off the City website at this link):

City council needs to exempt all non-profits, especially daycares, from these higher taxes. These organizations are providing a needed public service and should be exempted accordingly. For every $1 invested in a daycare, $1.50 goes back into the economy.

Is this another tax grab to pay for the stadium?

Can the City really justify upping taxes like this like they just gave away 1.1 hectares of land to a commercial bank?

This is going to be a major election issue. Please reconsider this immediately!

I am encouraging EVERY Regina citizen to flood city hall with emails, phone calls, social media call-outs.  This is a MAJOR issue.  Many daycares are already scraping by with the money they receive.  This will affect programming and rates for all daycares.  This is just another tax grab.  City Council should be ashamed!


United Childcare-Tax Increase