The following information is cited from The Child Care Regulations, 2015.

Childcare centers, unlike home daycares, have to have a certain amount of green space (aka “outdoor play area”) available to the center based on the number of children the space is licensed for:

59(1) The licensee of a centre must provide a safe outdoor play area of seven square metres per licensed child care space.

(2) Unless otherwise provided in the licence, at least half of the outdoor play area required by subsection (1) must be adjacent to the centre and the remainder must be within walking distance of the centre, determined in relation to the youngest age category for which the centre is licensed. 

That being said, the one saving grace is that if there is a public use space (park or school), the daycare center can get an exemption.  For example, with the building on 12th Ave and St. John, the vacant lot behind the center would have only supplied 50% of the green space requirement but there were 2 public spaces (Pepsi Park and Thomson Community School) within 500m so we would have been granted an exemption.