I have some questions I would like to ask you.  Have you ever:

  • Driven or been in a car? Driven or been driven on a road?  Driven or been driven on a highway?  (Doesn’t matter if it’s gravel, paved, potholed or not.)
  • Driven over a bridge?
  • Parked at a parking meter? Gotten a parking ticket?
  • Used/obeyed traffic/walk lights?
  • Walked on a sidewalk?  Driven on a bike path? Used public transit?
  • Owned a health card? Used a doctor?  Gotten a prescription?  Given birth? Had your child immunized?  Been immunized yourself?  Had a flu shot?  Had an MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound, blood work?  Been in surgery for any reason?  Called the Health Line?
  • Used childcare?  Used subsidized childcare?
  • Used elder care, home care, nursing homes, etc?
  • Used a government social program – disability, social services, pension, child tax benefits?  Filed your taxes?
  • Been to elementary or high school?  Had a child/parent/etc. go to elementary or high school?  Attended post-secondary?  Had a student loan forgiven?
  • Gone to a public pool?  Walked in a public park?  Walked around Wascana?
  • Gone to the library? Gone to a library program?  Taken your children to a library program?
  • Admired the flowers on the meridians?
  • Admired any sculpture on public property?
  • Used water/sewage in any way? Drank water? Used a toilet? Used a washing machine? Used sprinklers?
  • Used a program put on by a Community Association?
  • Owned a house?  Transferred a Land Title?  Had land rezoned?  Bought other real estate?
  • Gone to court?  Been married?  Been divorced?  Been in a custody battle? Used a court service for any reason?
  • Used a service at City Hall?  Attended an event at City Hall (I love Regina days, for example)?
  • Received any funding from the City?  Grants, sponsorships, etc.
  • Voted (in any election or referendum)?
  • Contacted your City Councillor, MLA, or MP?
  • Called the police?  Used any police services?  Got a criminal record check?
  • Used the stadium?  Skate park?  Any other public facility?

If you have answered “yes” to ANY question on this list (and I guarantee you have), you have used a PUBLIC SERVICE.  Guess how public services are funded?  With tax dollars!  *shock* *awe* *gasp*

I hear a lot of people talk about taxes and publicly funded programs.  If you have answered yes to any question on this list, you are guilty of being a drain on the taxpayers’ dollar.

We all must pay our fair share of taxes because we all use public funded programs in one way or another.  If you disagree and can prove you’ve never used any of this, I’d be curious to know how.