We teach our kids how to use computers, clean their room and how to catch Pokemon. Many children, however, are missing some fundamental learning in the forms of outdoor learning:

  • Where do worms live? How do they eat?
  • What happens when you plant a seed?
  • How do you start a fire in a fire pit?
  • How do ant communities compare to human communities?
  • How does the life cycle of a tree compare to the human life cycle?

Things that even adults might not know but would be good to teach our children:

  • How do you snare a rabbit?
  • How do you catch, kill, pluck and gut a chicken?
  • How do you catch a fish and prepare it?
  • How do you cook a meal over a fire?
  • How to cook a turkey in the ground?
  • What is compost and how do we do it?

There is so much to learn outside.  At Totally Kids Daycare Inc., it is one of our goals to use the outdoors to teach our children.  There is so much to learn!