With the rising cost of vegetables, it makes sense to grow your own food.  This relates to daycares as well.  At Totally Kids Daycare Inc, we will be using raised garden beds to supplement food.

Gardening is not only practical, it presents a teaching opportunity as well.  Children can learn how plants grow – what they need – the circle of life.  They learn responsibility by watering and weeding the garden beds.  And they have fun digging in the dirt, finding earth worms, and watching the plants grow.

The excitement on a child’s face as they show off their home grown vegetables is priceless.  My son was very excited to pull carrots, wash them and eat them right out of the garden.

Gardening is not always successful.  We have had really good luck with squash, peas, carrots, however, we have not been overly successful with our watermelons or pumpkins but we will succeed eventually.  It’s a learning process for the kids as well as the adults.

We look forward to making stone soup with our vegetables once the center is set up.