In Saskatchewan, staff that work part time or full time at daycare centers have to hold their Early Childhood Education certificate – Level I, II, or III.  The program costs around $7500.  Staff who work casually at daycares do not need certification.  Furthermore, there are a specific number of Level I, II, and III staff required on at any point in time.

When my daughter graduated from welding at SIAST a couple years ago, there were only 6 students graduating from the ECE program.  Even if we manage to open a center, we will have the challenge of hiring qualified staff.

Staff at home daycare centers, do not require this certificate.  There are no regulations about activities that  can or cannot be done in home daycares.

Parents do not require any education.  Anyone can have a child.  The only way a child is taken away from a parent is if Social Services intervenes.

I am curious why we need to have certified staff talking care of our children at daycare centers but no where else.  Another challenge facing setting up a daycare center.