Many people do not know that childcare center fees barely cover the costs of daycare.

According to the Ministry of Education, there are no for profit daycare centers licensed in Saskatchewan.  Part of this might be the fact that Saskatchewan does not allow for profit daycares to access grants and subsidies like other provinces like Alberta and Ontario do.

Non-profit centers require a board of directors composed, for the majority, by parents (a minimum of 51%).  They can make money, however, the funds are used to further the center.  Non-profit centers are not automatically registered charities, however, they can become registered.  Totally Kids Daycare Inc. is a registered charity.

If you venture to other provinces, you will find for-profit centers.  The only way you will know where your fees are going is if you look at their financial records or if you ask.  For-profit centers rely on parent fees and/or corporate sponsorship only to operate.  Their fees are usually higher.  Any excess revenue can be kept by the owner or stakeholders.

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