Back in 2006 just before Stephen Harper was elected, Canada was on its way to having a national childcare program under Paul Martin’s Liberal Party.

This dream was crushed when Stephen Harper was elected.  He scrapped the policy and replaced it with a Universal Child Care Benefit (UCTB):  $100/month to help with daycare costs – for children under 6.

The conservatives touted that child care decisions are best left in the hands of mom and dad.  That’s a cop out.

First, this benefit is taxable leaving less in the hands of the families.

Second, the amount of UCTB is a joke.  It is a pittance because daycare costs way more than $100/month – it averages $500 – $2000 / month depending on the province and if the daycare is for-profit or non-profit.

Third, even if we had a federal cap on “affordable” daycare at $10 – $15 /day, the UCTB would not cover it!

Fourth and finally, why only until the children are 6?  What, children 7 and up don’t require daycare?  Last time I checked, the recommended age to leave children alone (in SK at least) was 11.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party has since increased the UCTB; however, it still not adequate.  It would almost cover an “affordable” daycare program.  But it does not address any of the other concerns.  We NEED a national childcare program!

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