If I could establish a National Daycare Program, this is what I would propose:

  • Remove a level of government from the process – make daycare a federal issue.  Thus reducing cost and finger pointing.
  • Establish universal rules and regulations that apply to all provinces and all types of daycares – home / centers & for-profit / non-profit.  Thus making it an even playing field for all.
  • Make all rules and regulations reasonable.  There is no logical reason I can think of to set a cap on the number of spots in a daycare if the staff and space is available. (In Saskatchewan, there is a cap of 90 spots per facility; you can have more than 1 facility in a building but they have to have separate space, staff, etc.)
  • Establish criteria for all daycare workers that is fair and removes barriers.
  • Commit to establishing, and funding, a certain number of new spots every year as demand requires.  Thus making more spots available as the population increases.
  • Commit to adequate public funding so that daycares can pay a living wage to all workers.
  • Commit to adequate public funding so that quality, licensed daycare is affordable to all.
  • Work with organizations who wish to establish daycares to “cut through the red tape.”  Thus enabling new centers to open without a run around.