‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ our home,
All the children were sleeping, like I was alone.
The stockings were opened and no presents remained,
Yet a feeling o’ something forgotten, it came;
Our Christmas letter, I’d forgotten to write,
The cards I had chosen aside by the light.
Gah! I jumped up and made a dash for the cards,
Family/friends must think I am a total tard –
What to write, I pondered, for the past year;
Most of what happened would bring a big tear.
Focus on the positive my husband declared;
Not on all else that had dramatically fared.
My mom in a nursing home all safe and snug,
As a great big bug wrapped in a rug;
End stage COPD has nothing on her there,
All her meals and meds are safely prepared.
Both my wonderful boys are in good health,
I couldn’t ask for anything more ‘cept for wealth.
But I’m wealthy beyond what most people have,
I’ve a family, a job, a vehicle and a “pad.”
My hubby’s chemo treatments are making him well,
It’s not like he’s locked up in a prison cell.
From the nausea, he’s lost his excess weight,
With the new treatments, he’s feeling remarkably great.
My job, at SaskTel, I returned – in July
After a great vacation t’would bring a tear to your eye.
We took 3 weeks between J’s surgery & my work
We might have gone a little beserk.
Packed up the van and drove to BC,
Goodness, an awful lot we did see,
Rode a ferry, water slides, amusement park rides,
We even got to walk a little in the tide.
We enjoyed it a lot and want to do it again,
Maybe next time it will be upon the holiday train,
That way we can relax and as we drive out of sight –
Holler Happy Solstice. Now I bid you good night.