The “Real” Cost of the Stadium?

It’s been a while since I blogged about the Stadium.  With the municipal election coming up, what a better time to refresh people’s memory?

Recently, the City of Regina has touted that the stadium is “substantially complete”:

So I thought, hey, let’s see how they are doing cost-wise.  I called the main line at the City of Regina to inquire.  I was referred to:  When I clarified that this was the proposed budget but I wanted to get the “real cost,” the employee got very snotty with me and said it was “on budget.”

I emailed PCL directly to inquire about the “real cost.”  It was forwarded, apparently.  I never received a response from PCL.  Instead, I got an email back from Nathan Morrison, Marketing & Major Projects Manager.  Again, I was referred to:

I responded, again, indicating, “That site illustrates the budget / estimate for the stadium. I’m looking for the actual numbers after the fact. I’ve never known a project to come in right on budget. There is usually a report after a project is done outlining the actual numbers. That’s what I’m looking for.”

The response?

“Work on the overall stadium project will continue through the rest of 2016 and into the spring of 2017. The total cost of the project remains $278.2 million, as approved by City Council. In 2017, the City will share additional information on the project finances and other performance measures.”

Basically, they are being VERY tight lipped on the whole affair.

I also inquired, “Also, how much in tax dollars has been collected to date for the stadium.”  To which, the response was: “I am following-up on your request on tax dollars collected to date and hope to get back to you on that soon.”  That was a month ago.  I’m still waiting.

BTW, this didn’t make the major news outlets but it’s on the Regina Revitalization website:  I wonder if this cost is being lumped into the stadium cost?

Municipal election coming up – voting is on Oct 26.  It may be time to send City Council a message.