Kristine (Fiction)

Walking through the high school, there was an assortment of characters. One that stood out to me was a beautiful female whose boisterous voice floated across the hall and caressed my ears. I sought the source of the voice and noticed her at once. Her voice fluctuated with the story she was telling; the emotion soaked through her – obvious to everyone watching. As she was laughing at something someone in her cliché was saying, I noticed her eyes crinkled and sparkled mischievously. Obviously, someone was saying something funny though I had no idea what it was.

She looked about 17 but she was probably closer to 14; you know the way kids seem older than they actually are now-a-days. Her straight, flowing ash blonde hair encased her oval face highlighting her eyes which were slightly green today. Her nose was petite and her lips just right for her face. The makeup she wore (I was almost sure she was wearing makeup anyway), served to bring out her features and make her appear air brushed. She was thin, not anorexic thin, but pleasantly so. Her clothes were just snug enough to highlight her blossoming figure and yet, they were not skin tight. I guess you would call them modern style. Jeans that fit every inch of her legs; double layered t-shirts that hugged her various curves. Not a supermodel yet very, very close. I’m sure any clothes would look good on her; she just exuded the confidence of a girl who could get away with anything, including wearing jeans underneath a skirt (not that I would ever try that).

And her mannerisms were so animated! The way her hands flew as she was talking was almost like a dance; like she was keeping the beat to her own theme song. Her movement combined with her voice reminded me of a babbling brook; pleasant, not only, to the ears but also to the eyes. I watched for a couple of moments, totally mesmerized.

Everyone adored her. You could tell she was a social butterfly; the type of girl who not only had book smarts but also had street smarts.

She was so different from me and yet, I liked her. I imagined being friends with her and I wondered if I could ever gain that type of self-confidence myself. How on earth would I ever get her to notice me though, she breezed by other students like she the world was hers. Well, really, the other students made way for her and her posse as she meandered through the hall. I’m sure the way she barely gave noticed anyone else was not her intention; she was just so focused on her conversation.

When she floated by me, I caught a whiff of her perfume. Just the right fragrance for her and not overpowering in the slightest.

As she proceeded by, her voice began to fade. Other students slowly filled the temporary passageway. Her voice continued to grow fainter until I wondered if I had really seen her at all.


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