For those who work 8 – 5 M-F and have school age children at home, finding before and after childcare can be a challenge.  Children go to school from 9 to 3:30, or in my case, 9:17 – 3:22.  And I work 8 – 5.  Someone has to be with my child from 8 – 9:17 and 3:22 – 5.

Children have to be in someone’s care until they are around 11 years old.  They start school around age 5.

Finding daycare for only 3 hours a day (and a split 3 hours) is hard.  Having a child part time in a childcare center ties up a space that could be used for a full day.

And the fees associated with before and after care can range from $300 – $550/month.  Again, because it uses a full space, some daycare centers have no alternative but to charge the full fee.

Many schools do not have a program within the school.  I think all schools should offer this.  Even if I had to pay for it.